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Your one-stop shop for implementing simple and effective sustainability solutions in your workplace.

We provide a broad range of products and services, from eco-friendly office supplies to environmental engagement workshops, to help you hit your ESG targets and build a sustainable work culture.

Sustainable Solutions
For Your Workspace

Time Left To 1.5°C

The global temperature is already 1.1°C warmer in comparison to late 1800s. According to the Paris agreement, we must contain the rise of temperature lower than 1.5°C by 2050 to minimise the climate change effects. This requires all of us to look at our carbon emissions and reduce them to net zero. It is time to make the change!


What Your Office Needs

Reduce Environmental Impact

Reduce Environmental Impact

Eco-friendly office supplies

Energy awareness

Waste management and recycling
Increase Social Impact

Increase Social Impact

Ethical office supplies

Collaboration with NGOs
Team Education

Team Education and Engagement

Support staff training

Climate awareness workshops
Data management and assessment

Data Tracking and Reporting

Impact assessment

Waste and recycling data collection

Office Supplies & Work Environment

Our products are chosen with careful consideration of cost, effectiveness, quality and social and environmental impact. They have all received positive feedback from use in our own office space.

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Green Pantry
Waste Management

Climate Emergency Awareness & Education

Amongst the biggest barriers to transformation and change initiatives are people, culture and behaviours. The success of the Green Office Project is based on the employee acceptance of the changes. 


  • Climate change education
  • Pollution awareness
  • Corporate case studies


  • Environmental key facts
  • Recycling education
  • Management toolkit


  • Screening & brainstorms
  • Social activities – connection with NGOs
  • Internal contests

Join The Movement

Climate Fresk Workshop

"Climate Fresk is a fantastic learning tool for engaging people and businesses on climate change."
Norman Tsoi, COO Knigh Frank Greater China

1.5C Summit

Meet us and learn more about our workspace solutions to build a work culture and encourage sustainable innovation.

The Green Office Project @ ReThink 2022

Meet us at ReThink HK this year and discover how to empower your team towards sustainable innovations!


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