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Kickstart Your Sustainability Journey

Your one-stop shop for implementing simple and effective sustainability solutions in your workplace.

Kickstart Your Sustainability Journey

Your one-stop shop for implementing simple and effective sustainability solutions in your workplace. 

Sustainable Solutions
For a Lasting Impact

The Green Office Project provides a broad range of products and services, from eco-friendly office supplies to environmental engagement workshops and tailor-made programs, to help you hit your ESG targets and build a sustainable work culture.

We leverage our operational experience to help companies in Hong Kong create an environmentally friendly and socially-conscious workspace in order to drive effective change.

Team & Management Education

Team & Management Education

Amongst the biggest barriers to transformation and change initiatives are people, culture, and behaviours; this is why targeting teams and individuals is central to creating a lasting impact. The Green Office Project’s tailor-made programs include educational workshops, effective internal communication, and ongoing engagement initiatives to help build environmental awareness within your company and foster a long-term sustainable workplace culture.

Conscious Work Environment

Conscious Work Environment

While often overlooked, your office supplies and waste management systems are key aspects in determining your level of environmental impact on a day-to-day basis. Making simple swaps to consciously-sourced office supplies and pantry and hygiene products, as well as implementing comprehensive recycling and composting solutions, are effective ways to reduce your workplace’s impact on the environment. Discover the Green Office Catalogue to browse our curated selection of eco-friendly products that we use in our own office.

We make it simple for you.



We start with a consultation and assessment of your business. We discuss your objectives and expectations, and identify your workspace requirements and levels of employee engagement with sustainability.



Based on the information you provide and an office tour, we design a customised plan of action and a list of recommended office supplies. We assist you with the implementation of the action plan.



We want to make it easy for companies to make the change, so we bring together all of our partners from the sustainable and ethical community in Hong Kong to offer a one-stop solution for any of your projects.



We’ve gone and done all the research into brands and products that deliver on cost, effectiveness, quality, and environmental and social impact so you can save time and dive right in. Tried, tested, and loved in our own office, this curated selection of office supplies from pantry to hygiene is our one-stop solution to make simple yet impactful changes in your workplace.



Impact HK

Impact HK is a local non-profit that provides support, accommodation, and empowerment to those experiencing homelessness in Hong Kong.

  • Provides direct holistic support and resources to people experiencing homelessness (meals, shelters and more)
  • Empowers homeless people to transform their lives
  • Supports job creation for homeless people in Hong Kong
  • Mental health and well-being assistance
Positive impact


teapigs is a certified B Corporation that is committed to upholding their values in quality, sustainability, community, and delicious tea!

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Biodegradable tea bag made from corn starch
  • Recyclable FSC cardboard
  • Compostable clear inner bag made from wood pulp
  • Give back to vulnerable young population in Rwanda
teapigs positive impact


Oatside is Asia’s first full-stack plant milk startup, based in Singapore. They produce malty, creamy oat milk inspired by the flavours of Ovaltine and Horlicks.

  • Recycled Tetrapak
  • A relatively low greenhouse footprint
  • Requires 90% less land and water than dairy milk
  • Produces 70% less emissions than dairy milk
  • Provides free artisanal spring water to 72 homes in Indonesia
Oatside Positive Impact

Impact Berry

Impact Berry is Hong Kong’s first Creating Shared Value (CSV) driven and actively social coffee startup, providing organic Fair Trade single origin coffee beans.

  • Minimises travel to keep transport carbon footprint low
  • Saves up to 12 kg CO2 per kg of coffee
  • Ensures farmers fair wages
  • Supports clean drinking water in Indonesia
  • Partnerships with urban farming initiatives in Hong Kong
Impact Berry Positive Impact


Climate Fresk Workshops

What is Climate Fresk?

Climate Fresk is an NGO working on climate urgency awareness and education, as well as an international volunteer movement. They have curated a participatory and creative workshop to serve as a trigger for transformation among individuals and teams.

Why Climate Fresk?

The Climate Fresk Workshop will help you:

  • Gain powerful knowledge of scientific facts based on IPCC data
  • Understand challenges that business and individuals will inevitably face
  • Exercise collective intelligence to determine real-world solutions
  • Engage your team in an inspiring, motivating, and creative way

How does it work?

The interactive workshop will walk participants through a 42-card collaborative game based on data from IPCC reports. The team will be challenged to work out the cause-effect relationships between different components of climate change, inspiring a fresh understanding of what needs to be done and giving them the knowledge and confidence to drive change within their own circle or organisation.


Looking to organise a private Climate Fresk workshop for your team? Get in touch with us!

Time Left To 1.5°C

The global temperature is already 1.1°C warmer in comparison to late 1800s. According to the Paris agreement, we must contain the rise of temperature lower than 1.5°C by 2050 to minimise the climate change effects. This requires all of us to look at our carbon emissions and reduce them to net zero. It is time to make the change!


What Your Office Needs

Reduce Environmental Impact

Reduce Environmental Impact

Eco-friendly office supplies

Energy awareness

Waste management and recycling
Increase Social Impact

Increase Social Impact

Ethical office supplies

Collaboration with NGOs
Team Education

Team Education and Engagement

Support staff training

Climate awareness workshops
Data management and assessment

Data Tracking and Reporting

Impact assessment

Waste and recycling data collection


The Green Office Project @ ReThink 2022

Meet us at ReThink HK this year and discover how to empower your team towards sustainable innovations!

CLIMATE FRESK | In this month's workshop, learn about and discuss the implications of our global population surpassing 8 billion people by November.

The Green Office Project @ ReThink 2022

Meet us at ReThink HK this year and discover how to empower your team towards sustainable innovations!

Climate Fresk Workshop

"Climate Fresk is a fantastic learning tool for engaging people and businesses on climate change."
Norman Tsoi, COO Knigh Frank Greater China

1.5C Summit

Meet us and learn more about our workspace solutions to build a work culture and encourage sustainable innovation.