The Gift of Giving

The Gift of Giving

Looking for ways to help others this Christmas but not sure where to start? We’re sharing our 5 favourite online platforms where you and your family can connect with a variety of NGOs and Giving Back opportunities. Whether you’re looking to donate, volunteer, invest or advocate, we’re sure you’ll find an organisation that you want to connect with. Find your tribe and make the world a better place this Christmas!


1. Hands On Hong Kong

As well as providing a list of reliable and trustworthy local NGOs that you can connect with directly, this well-known organisation also provides 200 volunteer activities a month that you can enroll in for free. Options range from simple beach cleans and hikes to volunteering opportunities for people with specific skill sets.


2. Time Auction

This ingenious platform is aimed at older students and adults, and takes a rewards-based approach to advocating volunteerism. By signing up to help at any registered NGO, you earn points that can be exchanged for experiences. These can be anything from intimate mentorship lunches with business leaders to BlackPink tickets!


3. Kiva

If you are more interested in providing financial support, Kiva is a fantastic way to maximise your donation’s impact. This international crowdfunding platform connects people who need small loans (USD25+) with people who are willing to lend them money. When the loan is repaid, you can then reinvest it with someone else. A brilliant opportunity to teach kids about social entrepreneurship.


4. Social Career

Another platform for micro-volunteering, the focus of Social Career is to encourage an inclusive culture of altruism outside of one’s day job. Its inspiring list of activities include music and art workshops, outdoor and sports activities, festivals, career-focused activities and more. Find your tribe and have fun while making a difference!


5. The Zubin Foundation

The Zubin Foundation is focused on improving the lives of ethnic-minority people here in Hong Kong, people who often don’t have the support network that they need to survive and thrive. From mental health and discrimination support to providing educational assistance for children with special needs, you can get involved through donations, volunteering and internships.

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