Natasha Shroff | Banyan Workspace

Natasha Shroff

Guest Relations Manager

Being a fourth-generation Hongkonger, Natasha’s whole life has been molded by her multicultural upbringing. She spent her college years in the UK, obtaining her Master’s degree in International Management at the University of Exeter before returning to HongKong. Last year, she decided to continue her studies further in Beijing to master her language skills in Mandarin.

Natasha has a natural curiosity to explore the world and a deep love of Asia in particular.Coming from an entrepreneurial family, she is drawn towards communication and marketing and is continually pushing herself to gain a more developed understanding of international markets. She is also a passionate ‘people person’ and always maintains an optimistic outlook, enabling her to deal with whatever hurdles come her way.

Natasha’s spare time is usually spent outdoor in the sea and sun. She has a strong appreciation for her hometown’s landscapes and natural elements, and you’ll never catch her saying no to a sunset hike… or a dim sum lunch!

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