Sustainable Fashion Shopping in Hong Kong

Sustainable Fashion Shopping in Hong Kong

Last week, Banyan’s sustainable style mavens Zoe and Marie headed out to a couple of our local Hong Kong preloved fashion meccas to source some new outfits, proving that ethical shopping is easy if you know where to look! Check out the video of their trip, and scroll down for a list of some of their favourite places to browse away an afternoon.

Why shop “sustainably”?

When people consider the different ways in which they can help reduce their environmental impact, they tend to think of obvious polluters such as cars, single-use plastics or overseas travel. But something as seemingly innocuous as the clothes we choose to buy can make just as much, if not more, of a difference.

The heavy toll that the fashion industry inflicts on our planet can be a huge shock to most of us who see only the end products displayed prettily in shops. But the statistics are frightening. Textile production produces 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions, is the second largest consumer of the world’s fresh water supply, and chokes our oceans and food chains with microplastics. Cotton alone is responsible for 24% of insecticides and 11% of pesticides worldwide, and requires 20,000 litres of water to produce enough fabric for a single T-shirt and a pair of jeans.  (Source: Business Insider)

Today, people are becoming increasingly aware that the simple choices that they make every day can and make a big difference. As far as fashion goes, this means turning our backs on the high-polluting business of “fast fashion” and adhering to the three basic tenets of sustainable shopping: buy less, buy quality, buy pre-loved.

Our favourite sustainable fashion outlets in Hong Kong


What they sell: Pre-owned women’s designer clothes and accesories.

Where to find it: 5A Evergreen Industrial Mansion, 12 Yip Fat Street, Wong Chuk Hang

Why we love it: Walking into Hula is like entering an Aladdin’s cave. They have everything from everyday jeans to stunning cocktail dresses, plus all the accessories to go with any outfit. 

Green Ladies

What they sell: Pre-loved women’s clothes, most items priced at $88

Where to find it: Multiple locations all over Hong Kong- find them HERE

Why we love it: It is perfect for sourcing everyday staples like white T’s.

Redress pop-up shops

What they sell: Pre- loved clothes for men and women, collected at various points across Hong Kong.

Where to find it: Follow redress HERE to find out when their next pop up will be. 

Why we love it: Run by one of our non profit partners, how could we not love the redress pop ups? 


What they sell: Pre-loved designer maternity and children clothes

Where to find it: Online and instore HERE

Why we love it: Full of beautiful clothes for the little people in your life. They’ll be better dressed than you! 

Host your own clothes swap

Gather a group of friends at home and all bring a few items of clothing you never wear anymore. Something that has been lying in the back of your wardrobe for years could be your friends new wardrobe staple! 

Why we love it: A good excuse to spend time with friends whilst also doing a little guilt free “shopping”

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