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A Focus On Flexibility

How Marie Swarbreck, founder of FLEXImums, is #ChangingTheNatureOfWork

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Please tell us a little about yourself and your company’s story

My name’s Marie, I’m the founder of FLEXImums, a Recruitment and Diversity & Inclusion Consultancy focused on supporting Female and Flexible Talent with job opportunities in Hong Kong.  The idea of FLEXImums was formed during 2015 when I was looking for better work-family-balance as a first time mum. There was a real gap in the market with an untapped pool of professional female talent, mothers, looking for job opportunities with more flexibility. By end of 2015, FLEXImums was up and running and we have not looked back since. 

What does the phrase “changing the nature of work” mean to you? 

FLEXImums was born with this phrase in mind. The workplace is constantly evolving and technology is facilitating it. Technology has made it is possible to create more flexibility at work, and allows us to work from anywhere as long we are given the opportunity to do so. For me personally, I believe that the changing nature of work allows people to be more efficient in the work they do and deliver better work by being given more accountability and trust. 

What actions do you take to incorporate sustainability into your business?

The business is built around people and society, providing solutions to improve people’s well-being. This might be economical, social, emotional as well as psychological well-being. By proving job opportunities, we are able to improve the well-being of mothers who have been looking to re-enter the workforce. Simultaneously, by working with companies on their Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) policies and programmes, we can support broader sustainability initiatives and improve the way people value their working environment. 

Which business leader do you most admire and why?

I do not per se have one business leader that I admire but I very much look up to successful female leaders who carved their own paths, using dedication, perseverance and having a clear goal as the recipe for success. 

In your opinion, what makes Hong Kong a great place to live and work?

Hong Kong has been my home for over 10 years and I have enjoyed every single part of it. First, I met my husband here and my children were born here so HK will always have a special place in heart and life. Secondly, no other place offers you beach, trails and a thriving business hub within less than an hour of each other. 

Having survived 2020, can you share something that you learned from the experience?

Living abroad makes friends extra special; they become your family. During 2020 I was reminded that friendships are what keeps you strong and resilient. Having FLEXImums survive 2020 also taught me to be grateful for what I have and that flexibility and agility are now more important than ever. 

What excites you about your business in 2021 and beyond?

The workplace and the way we work is ever-changing with remote working being part of what businesses offer their employees. This means more mothers and women will be able to get back into the workforce which I know is making many mothers and women very happy! Additionally, the younger generations who have been brought up with technology all around them will be able to thrive in this new way of working and carve their own paths. 

Can you share with us one of your favourite quotes? Why does it resonate with you?

Malcolm Forbes has a few that resonate with me. If I have to choose one, I choose:

“The biggest mistake people make in life is not trying to make a living at doing what they most enjoy.”

Too many people go to work every day disliking their jobs, their manager or boss, the company they work for and end up leaving feeling unsuccessful, exhausted and depressed. I believe that in life there is more than work and money. If you can work for a company that aligns with your beliefs and interests, work will never feel like work as you will be passionate about it and therefore create better happiness and balance in life. 

What help or support are you looking for and how can our network get in touch with you?

I am always looking to connect with more people and businesses to learn more about their stories, successes and challenges and where I can, help out by sharing my experience. Additionally, for small business owners having peers as mentors and sponsors can be a great way to further grow and develop our businesses. Whether you are looking for a job, looking to hire or simply want to share ideas, please reach out! Ideally, there is a good balance there as well! 

You can find us via our website www.fleximums.com, or Facebook or LinkedIn. Feel free to email Marie at marie.swarbreck@fleximums.com

And a big thank you to Banyan Workspace for featuring me and FLEXImums.

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