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Banyan Workspace team visit to PC Lee OneSky Global Centre for Early Childhood Education Sham Shui Po Hong Kong Non-Profit Partner

Team Visit to OneSky’s New Hong Kong Centre

Last week, the Banyan Workspace team had the privilege to visit the new P. C. Lee OneSky Global Centre for Early Childhood Development. Banyan Workspace has been closely aligned with OneSky from the very earliest days of its inception, as our founders Amy and Rasheed have been longtime supporters of this amazing charity. As one

Style vs Sustainability: It’s Time to Get Your Priorities Straight

Office design has changed radically over the past decade, partly due to the impact of the coworking industry. Inspiring aesthetics, plush break-out spaces and barista-made coffee has raised employee expectations and companies are scrambling to out-do each other with their office perks. But is an exploding demand for Sustainability in the workplace about to steal the crown?

Five Unexpected Psychological Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has experienced something of a renaissance over the past few years. Its scientifically-proven health benefits have unshackled it from the rather hippyish reputation of previous decades. But alongside the obvious physical benefits, such as greater flexibility, muscle strength and improved posture, it is also credited with huge mental health benefits. Here are five long-term effects of a regular yoga practise that might surprise you…

TOP TEN: Air-Purifying Plants for Home and Office

One of our most-commented on features at Banyan Workspace is the lushness of our stone planter in the Atrium. As a coworking space, we love our plants not just for their beauty and for creating a calming ambience for our members, but for their NASA-proven air-purification qualities (yes, seriously!). If you want to “clean and green” your own space, here are our top choices for plants that work best in Hong Kong and how to take care of them.

Mental Health: Finding Positivity in the Pandemic

So there finally seems to be a glimmer of light at the end of this long tunnel. This weekend’s relaxing of some of Hong Kong’s stricter social distancing regulations have encouraged the Banyan team to look back at how far we have come on this journey together since CNY. Here are some of the unexpected ways the pandemic has helped us to turn lemons into lemonade…

Community Help: One Stitch at a Time

Banyan Workspace would not be the amazing place it is to work without its dedicated team of professionals behind the scenes, and our Head of Operations, Hilvin, is one of our most critical players. She lives and breathes our core values of Sustainability and Giving Back to our local community, as is evidenced in her latest home project.

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