Introducing a Different Style of Working

Banyan Workspace combines a luxurious design concept with sustainable and ethical practices. This unique space, designed by Lauren Bullen of S.Lo Studio, seamlessly integrates the personal comforts of a home office with all the requirements needed for the successful running of a modern business.


Our Inspiration

Banyan Workspace is inspired by Hong Kong’s rich cultural heritage. Like the banyan tree, under which generations of merchants on the Silk Road gathered to meet and trade, we provide a sheltering home where business can prosper.

Banyan prides itself on its commitment to the timeless business values of honesty, integrity and collaborative relationships. We are committed to the Hong Kong people, spreading our roots out into the community, where our partnerships with a selection of local non-profit organizations keep us grounded.

Our Sustainability

Banyan Workspace has been designed with sustainability as one of its top priorities, proving that you don’t need to sacrifice comfort and style to be environmentally conscious! Our use of locally and regionally sourced natural materials, recycled accessories, the use of natural light and the abundance of plants are just some of the ways that we are making the effort to reduce our environmental impact.

We also strive to make a difference through our day-to-day running of the Workspace. Banyan’s provision of energy-conscious appliances, ethically-sourced drinks and snacks and our extensive recycling system (including composting and electronics waste collection) all help make sustainability an effortless part of your company’s culture.

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Reduce & Recycle
Energy Efficient
Sustainably Made
Air Purifying Plants
Reduce & Reuse

Our Giving Back

Banyan Workspace was founded on the principle that a successful business must go hand-in-hand with community responsibility. We work hard to share this core value with all our members through a variety of ways, including a regular Giving Back Day where we arrange group activities to benefit the Hong Kong community.

But it is our special collaborations with local non-profits that really sets Banyan apart. In the first such scheme of its kind in the Hong Kong coworking sector, we donate a percentage of membership fees to one of four partnering non-profits. Each member is invited to choose which non-profit they would like their percentage to be donated to .

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Who We Are

Photo of Rasheed Shroff at Banyan Workspace
Founder & Managing Director

Rasheed Shroff

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Photo of Amy Shroff at Banyan Workspace
Founder & Head of Creative

Amy Shroff

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Founding Member & Head of Marketing and Client Relations

Zoe Stevenson

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Founding Member & Head of Operations and Workspace Engagement

Hilvin Wong

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Founding Member & Director of Finance

Nancy Khoo

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Business Development and Client Relations Director 

Charlotte Lafitte

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Guest Relations Manager

Natasha Shroff

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