5 Hikes To Discover Hong Kong History

5 Hikes To Discover Hong Kong History

Hong Kong has gone through an amazing transformation from sleepy fishing community to one of the world’s busiest metropolises, but remnants of its former life still exist, hidden between the shining skyscrapers and country parks. If you are looking to discover a little more about its history, here are 5 of our favourite Hong Kong hikes to teach the kids (and perhaps yourself!) something new…

Fan Lau Fort

Fan Lau is a tumbledown Hakka village lying on the southwestern tip of Lantau. Once home to about 200 people, there are now just a small handful left. It’s a fascinating insight into Hong Kong’s old existence as a rural fishing community. Nearby is Fan Lau Fort, built during the Qing dynasty to protect the islands from pirates.

Time: 2.5hrs
Difficulty: **
How to get there: Take the No.11 bus from Tung Chung MTR (Map)

Shing Mun War Relics Trail

Stage 6 of the Maclehose Trail used to be part of the famous Gin Drinkers Line, created by British forces during the Japanese invasion of WWII. Crammed with fascinating relics of the time, including bunkers and tunnels still inscribed with the London street names allocated to them.

Time: 3hrs
Difficulty: ***
How to get there: Take the No.82 minibus to Shing Mun Country Park (Map)

Pinewood Battery Heritage Trail

High up on Victoria Peak, Pinewood Battery was the highest coastal defense fortification in Hong Kong. During WWII it was converted into an anti-aircraft battery, and is another hidden reminder of our military part. The ruins are well marked with signposts.

Time: 30min
Difficulty: *
How to get there: An easy start to this hike at the Peak Tower (Map)

Devil’s Peak

Named for the pirates who used to occupy it during the Ming dynasty, the more recent history of this hill overlooking Lei Yue Mun is as part of the British military defence. There are several fortifications still to be seen, including the Gough Battery and the Devil’s Peak Redoubt.

Time: 3hrs
Difficulty: ***
How to get there: You can walk the trail from Yau Tong MTR (Map)

Wong Nai Chung Gap Trail

The Battle of Wong Nai Chung Gap was one of Hong Kong’s most significant events of WWII, and led to the greatest number of casualties in a single day from both sides. This one-way trail leads you along 10 well-marked stations, telling the story of that fateful day, and includes various bunkers, magazines and pillboxes.

Time: 1hr
Difficulty: **
How to get there: Get the No.66 bus from Central up to Hong Kong Parkview (Map)

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