Lunch To Go: 5 Great Options For Office Catering In Hong Kong

Lunch To Go: 5 Great Options For Office Catering In Hong Kong

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Ordering food into the office doesn’t have to mean boxes of cold pizza piled up in the pantry. When you’re wrapped up in full-day meetings, you deserve to sit down to a nice treat!  Scroll down for the Banyan team’s top 5 recommendations for every working lunch…

1. KIN Food Halls

KIN is a revoutionary new food concept that has the potential to change the way people think about office food. It’s based around the idea of letting the community it serves dictate what and when they eat, combining a centralised kitchen and ‘Food Hall’ with fully integrated technology. What’s more, they follow an impressive sustainability model that will leave you wondering why all restaurants don’t operate the same way. Join the KIN community here to find out more.

2. Nosh

Nosh started life as a meal delivery service for busy executives trying to maintain their nutritional goals. Today, the deliciously healthy meal plans they have provided have proved so popular they have now branched out into corporate catering via their sister company, Spoonful. Their options range from individual Japanese bento boxes and Western food sets to full corporate buffets, all delivered in plastic-free containers that decompose within 51 days in landfill.

3. Bain Marie

If you’re planning lunch for an upcoming corporate event, we are big fans of Bain Marie‘s very cute lunch jars, a sustainable twist on traditional food packaging. Simply ask your attendees to pick a two-course or three-course option from the daily selection of fresh and balanced meals, and they will be delivered to your office at your chosen time hot and ready to eat. When you’re finished, simply pack the jars back into their insulated delivery bag and it will be collected by Bain Marie the following morning to be washed and reused. Delicious, food with no waste and no fuss!

4. Knead

If you’re too busy for a sit-down lunch, Knead provides trays of freshly-made, individually-wrapped sandwiches and wraps, filled with delicious and healthy ingredients that you can pick and choose from a huge menu of options. Their catering lunch sets arrive accompanied by trays of green salads, chocolate brownies and fruit platters, ensuring the perfect pick-me-up for your hard-working team.

5. GO by Black Sheep Restaurants

For those who are really looking to impress visiting clients, GO is the dedicated delivery service from the Black Sheep group, who own some of Hong Kong’s favourite restaurants, including Ho Lee Fook, Carbone, Rajasthan Rifles and Taqueria Super Macho. Download their free app and browse through everything from tacos to tandooris. And if choosing for yourself is just too time consuming, you can even opt for a chef-selected meal plan to be delivered to your via their Supper Cult.

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